Colorful Flags App Reviews

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Educational App

Colorful Flags app is fun and very informative. I would highly recommend it!

Extraordinary App

The Colorful Flags game is not only entertaining, but also insightful, which are the two most vital elements that are absent in most of today's games. Every time I play this app, I become more knowledgeable on the different cultures featured in this game. Also, when I receive a substandard score, my failures drive me to seek out knowledge on the cultures I am unknowledgeable in. And because of this game, I am learning basic phrases in different languages, while also learning to identify such languages. Not many games will offer entertainment, interactiveness, and education, while awakening a sense of urgency to learn more about the world. Apps like this one are rare, which is the reason why it's a must have for every citizen of the world. I highly recommend it.

Great game with "global village" edge!

Awesome "game" that is fun, challenging and educational! Mentally stimulating! Great for trivia buffs! Great for kids by giving them a "Global village" perspective!

Excellent App for Education & Fun!

This app is lots of fun! The geography game is very educational and the spinner is a clever, interactive way to choose a new question. The app helps with both language and cultural studies and you can "win" a certificate if you get a certain number of questions right. It's an app that's safe/appropriate/fun for kids and is enjoyable for adults too.

High Five !

Colorful Flags takes you on a fantastic journey around the world...the app is educational, interactive, fun.

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